About Us

SECURE Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is one of the six research centers funded by the Texas A&M University System’s Chancellor’s Research Initiative (CRI) program. The Center is established in 2016 and received one-time seed money for the facility development with equipment and recruitment and hiring of faculty members who will have a transformative impact upon the academic and research missions of the University.  It is envisioned that such candidates will markedly enhance research funding awarded to the University from federal, industrial, and foundation sources. The center is still in the development mode, so experts are needed at all levels

Vision: SECURE Center views cybersecurity as a socio-technical problem that needs to be approached from multiple perspectives based on multiple disciplines. The center seeks collaborations with industry including but not limited to technology transfer, deployment of research projects into organizations and/or technologies, education, etc. Our aims are 1) to develop innovative approaches that determine the general underlined principles, 2) to design defensive methods applicable to real-world settings, and 3) to enhance cybersecurity education. 

Mission: Promote research & education and solve complex problems in cybersecurity by addressing critical cyberattacks in the cyber-physical sphere by multidisciplinary and integrative research initiative. The Center is committed to building a cybersecurity well-trained workforce capable of implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity advancements in practice, knowledge, and policy.

Activity: The expected activities of the center will include but not limited to the following:

  • Research: Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS); Data Science and Machine learning, Intrusion Detection/Network Security; Social Behavioral and Privacy; Cryptography, Applied & Theory, and Information Sciences; Authentication and Biometrics; Formal Methods and Language-based Security; Hardware Security Design; Information Authenticity; IoT and Automotive Security.
  • Education: Minor in Cybersecurity, Certifications, training, outreach program.
  • Collaboration: The Center is looking for local and national collaborations from academia, federal labs, and industry. We look for members willing to participate in one or more of the following:
    • Advisory committee
    • Consultation with proposal writing and center planning
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Collaboration in Grants, Contracts, etc.
    • Others

Facility: Networking Technology and Security Lab, Computing and Data Science Lab, Broadband Communication Lab, Signal Processing Lab, Virus and Malware Research Lab, Virtual Private Cloud with Google, Amazon Wave Services, and Microsoft’s Azure.