NSA/PVAMU Scholarship

PVAMU/NSA Cybersecurity Scholarship Announcement for Fall 2022

PVAMU/NSA Cybersecurity Scholarship Announcement Fall 2022

Scholarship amount:
$2500.00 / Semester
Anticipated number of scholarships to be awarded:
5 / Semester
Scholarship Description Summary:
The scholarship recipient is expected to:
• demonstrate interest in cybersecurity education and research.
• participate in various planned cybersecurity educational activities regularly (e.g., attend organized seminars on cybersecurity, learning software tools such as Infosec and Spirent CyberFlood as well as give presentations at various workshops organized by the SECURE center).
• participate in the PVAMU’s Cyber Challenge team and willing to undertake summer internship programs.
• closely work under the supervision of designated faculty members in the College of Business, College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology, and the SECURE research center in the College of Engineering.
• enroll in the Emergency Management and Crisis Informatics (EMCI) minor program cohosted by the College of Business and the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology.
• Non-STEM Undergraduate Sophomore or higher (no major specific)
• 3.00 GPA minimum
• US citizen

If eligible and interested, send a copy of your resume and transcript to
Dr. Louis Ngamassi ([email protected])
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For more information, click PVAMU/NSA Cybersecurity Scholarship Announcement for Fall 2022

Contact Information

Louis Ngamassi
Email : [email protected]