SECURE is focused on development of cybersecurity science and innovative technologies that transform the design and security assessment of large and small enterprises, and critical applications such as power grid systems, financial systems, military systems, and more. Our education program includes seminar series, tutorials, short courses, and certificates. They provide learning opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, and even high school students in cybersecurity.

SECURE Research’s goals are to:
To Engage with high school students and their teachers in the field of security and privacy.
Moreover, to engage with under-represented undergraduate students and provide them with opportunities to study at the graduate level.
Develop educational tools and modules for teaching courses on various topics in cybersecurity.

SECURE Research faculty offers a variety of courses on cybersecurity, namely:

Course NumberCourse Name
COMP 2133Intro. Information Security
CRJS 2443 Introduction to Homeland Security
CRJS 2813 Computer Applications in Criminal Justice
COMP 4063Artificial Intelligence
COMP 4123Computer Networks
COMP 4233Network Security
ELEG 4333Computer Networks
MISY 4343Cyber-Security for Electronic Commerce
CINS 5043Data Communications and Computer Networks
COMP 5123Advanced Computer Architecture
COMP 5133Advanced Operating Systems
COMP 5323 Computer and Network Security
CINS 5313 Information Assurance
ELEG 6103Advanced Computer Systems Design
ELEG 6113Computer Architecture & Advanced Logic Design
ELEG 6143Modeling and Performance of Computer Architectures
ELEG 6153Information Networks
ELEG 6203Wireless Networks
ELEG 6213Digital Communications
ELEG 6223Network Management
ELEG 6243Advanced Broadband Communications Systems
ELEG 6253Telecommunications Network Security
ELEG 6303 Signal Detection and Estimation
ELEG 6323 DSP Hardware Systems Design
ELEG 6333Wavelets and Their Applications
ELEG 6353Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ELEG 6913 - P13 Special Topic- IT/Cyber Security
ELEG 6913 - P16Special Topic- IT/Cyber Security-Web Application Security & Ethical Hacking
ELEG 6913 - P22Special Topic- IT/Cyber Security-Cloud Security